The Future Price of Electricity in Europe

Due to the shrinking of the fossil fuel markets, the wholesale price of electricity rose significantly in many countries in the first half of 2022, especially in Europe. As a result of gas prices rising to over five times the value of the reference period, power prices in many European markets reached three to four
The European Council of October 2014 endorsed the proposal of the European Commission of May 2014 to extend the current 10% electric interconnectors target to 15% by 2030 while considering the cost factors and potential commercial exchanges in the relevant regions.  How we produce and use energy relies heavily on interconnectors. Clean energy from renewable sources like
Here follow 5 questions Green Dealflow asked phelas, an innovative company focusing on a particular energy storage technology to foster the energy transition: liquid air energy storage. What problem does phelas solve? Phelas was founded to turn a very simple vision into reality: We want 100% renewable power to be a no-brainer everywhere on this
The following article explains the introduction of new frameworks in regard to renewable energy installations in Italy according to the official decree. On July 14, the Senate renewed its confidence in the Government by definitively approving, in the text dismissed by the Chamber, the bill for the conversion, with modifications, of the Decree-Law no. 50 of
Here follow 6 questions Green Dealflow asked Enerpoly, an innovative company trying to put zinc-ion batteries on the table of energy storage technologies to foster the energy transition and diversify the need for critical minerals required for lithium-ion batteries. 1. What is the Enerpoly innovative perspective on zinc-ion energy storage? Enerpoly develops and manufactures zinc-ion
High prices, rising costs, economic uncertainty, energy security concerns, and climate imperatives amount to a powerful cocktail of factors bearing on global energy investments.  IEA´s tracking and forecast estimate that global energy investments are expected to rise 8% in 2022, reaching around 2.4 trillion. However, around 200 billion is being driven up by higher costs
The global solar PV supply chain has seen a big shift in geographical hubs in the last 10 years with Europe, the USA, and Japan being overtaken by Chinese production. In 12 years, the PV cells global manufacturing capacity jumped from almost 25 GW (2010) to more than 220 GW (2022), with China currently weighing up
The Italian authority has published the formal general guidelines regarding agrivoltaics. This document was developed and published within a working group coordinated by the ministry of ecological transition – the department for energy and provides precise definitions of agrivoltaic systems, separating agrivoltaics from advanced agrivoltaics. Agrivoltaic plant is the one which: i) adopts innovative integrative