How much green hydrogen will Europe’s industry need in 2050?
The transition to a climate-neutral industry in Europe is essential to combat the climate crisis. At the center of this industrial transformation is the production of steel, cement and chemicals. A new study by Fraunhofer ISI for the EU Commission has examined the impacts of the industry transition on the European energy system in different
Europe shifted 600 TWh electricity generation by source to green power in 10 years
The road to Net Zero Emissions in 2050 is an essential yet challenging global task to deal with. In the last decade, Europe has shifted its electricity generation by source from fossil fuels to green power. According to data from Ember, green electricity generation by source has never been higher. 59 % of electricity came
Optimal PV setup for agrivoltaics
Discover optimal PV setup for agrivoltaics in Europe through a comprehensive comparative analysis of sustainable energy and agriculture integration. Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark have analysed three PV setups for the optimal setup for agrivoltaics: Optimal Tilted PV System, Horizontal Single-Axis Tracking PV System and Vertical Bifacial PV System. Introduction: A Sustainable Integration of
The Battery Charts project brings a cutting-edge website that offers an automated evaluation of battery storage in Germany using data from the German Federal Network Agency’s public database (MaStR). The project is developed by Jan Figgener, Christopher Hecht, and Prof. Dirk Uwe Sauer from the Institutes ISEA and PGS at RWTH Aachen University. Let’s delve
ENERGY STORAGE 4 alternatives to lithium-ion batteries currently exciting investors
With lithium-ion batteries raising ESG-related concerns, investors are increasingly seeing value in long-duration energy storage. Original article on energy storage alternatives by Ben Cook published on Tamarindo It’s the question being asked by the biggest movers and shakers in the energy storage industry – which type of storage will challenge the dominance of lithium-ion batteries?
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Solar panels image by Denis Schroeder, NREL - Analysis Points to Massive Photovoltaic Deployment To Meet Decarbonization Target
An “unprecedented ramp-up of production capacity” (photovoltaic – PV) over the next two decades is needed to provide enough solar power to completely decarbonize the global electrical system, but that goal can be achieved, according to an analysis led by researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The target is 63.4 terawatts of installed
Blogpost on Co-located Energy Storage
Original article on energy storage by Ben Cook published on Tamarindo Co-location of renewables assets with storage was rarely considered in the era of subsidies, but it is about to become the norm as investors seek to maximise the value of assets. Given the numerous benefits of co-locating energy storage with solar or wind projects,
Offshore wind
A new authorisation process accelerates the realisation of reforms introduced by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan with respect to renewable offshore plants. Translation powered by Google Translate: Original article in Italian is below Among the various provisions contained in the draft decree-law on the PNRR being analyzed by the Government to accelerate the