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The grand guide to solar energy

Wednesday, 05 June 2024 by
Solar energy is quickly becoming a cornerstone in the battle against climate change, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the newly added renewable energy capacity in 2023. This article dives into the fundamentals of solar energy, its renewable nature, uses, and the numerous advantages it offers now and in the future. How does solar energy work?
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The Solar Package 1 is finally here. Being fully adopted now, what impact will the new Solar Package have on developers?
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The Future Relies on Renewable Energy As severe weather events become more frequent and intense, one truth is becoming increasingly clear: the future belongs to renewable energy. Currently, the world economy invests around $1.8 trillion annually in clean energy and infrastructure, compared to roughly $1.1 billion in fossil-fuel infrastructure investments. But to achieve zero emissions by
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The global push for renewable energy is undeniable.   As corporations and governments race to meet ambitious sustainability targets, the demand for renewable projects is skyrocketing. Getting the necessary investments remains a significant hurdle for many developers. This is where matchmaking comes in – a strategic yet simple approach that connects developers with the perfect investment
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Overcoming NIMBY

Thursday, 18 April 2024 by
NIMBY Overcoming NIMBY How a large developer overcame NIMBY Developers of renewable energy projects have likely encountered the difficult obstacle course of local opposition against renewable projects. Termed NIMBY (Not in my back yard), this phenomenon, while not new, continues to plague efforts worldwide to ramp up renewable energy installations in pursuit of decarbonization targets,
Why developers fail when talking to investors does not come down to just one thing. To increase your odds of getting the green light from investors, we unveil common mistakes developers make when talking to investors. Renewable energy witnessed a substantial influx of global investments in 2023, reaching approximately USD 2.8 trillion. Notably, over USD
Arial view of BESS project
Five ways to boost insurers’ confidence in BESS projects With BESS failures having increased ten-fold, here’s your guide to getting sceptical insurers onside. Battery energy storage system (BESS) failures have increased ten-fold since 2016, with “issues pertaining to the quality and performance of BESS” among the major causes, according to a new study published by
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Is the EV rollout facing gridlock? As the European Union takes a decisive step towards a greener future by mandating a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions from new trucks and buses by 2040, the impending face-out of fossil fuel vehicles in heavy transport raises concerns about potential gridlock in the EV rollout. The laudable environmental