Welcome to our colleague’s introduction to Peter. With his curiosity, analytic, and competitive mindset, he constantly seeks new collaborators and stakeholders. Peter looks forward, is excellent at connecting with people, and gets motivated by measurable results. A backbone value-set of Green Dealflow, as you will learn when collaborating with us in the future. In the
Solar panels image by Denis Schroeder, NREL - Analysis Points to Massive Photovoltaic Deployment To Meet Decarbonization Target
An “unprecedented ramp-up of production capacity” (photovoltaic – PV) over the next two decades is needed to provide enough solar power to completely decarbonize the global electrical system, but that goal can be achieved, according to an analysis led by researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The target is 63.4 terawatts of installed
Welcome to our colleague’s introduction to Thomas. He is passionate about contributing positively to the world around him and has found his call at Green Dealflow. Here he can put his marketing and sales skills, obtained through +10 years in the retail business, into play. “My work at Green Dealflow naturally adds to the green
Blogpost on Co-located Energy Storage
Original article on energy storage by Ben Cook published on Tamarindo Co-location of renewables assets with storage was rarely considered in the era of subsidies, but it is about to become the norm as investors seek to maximise the value of assets. Given the numerous benefits of co-locating energy storage with solar or wind projects,
Offshore wind
A new authorisation process accelerates the realisation of reforms introduced by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan with respect to renewable offshore plants. Translation powered by Google Translate: Original article in Italian is below Among the various provisions contained in the draft decree-law on the PNRR being analyzed by the Government to accelerate the
At the moment, power systems that rely on liberalized electricity markets generate about 50% of the electricity used worldwide. This ensured effective resource allocation in response to demand evolution and advantages from competition in system operation and investment. However, systems that rely on power markets will need to be encouraged to reduce carbon emissions in
A Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is often characterised as a key driver for the green transition. But what is a PPA, and how does it work as a contract document within the green transition? A PPA is a power supply agreement between an investor/developer and a buyer on the purchase of a specific power production.
Green Dealflow has published the quarterly transaction review for the third quarter of 2022: the full dataset for solar and wind transactions closed in this period is available here. The content is a key tool to get a clear picture of the market by the country’s records on renewable energy. The reports are built by our