Wind Turbine Tower Being Installed
Wooden turbine towers: The key to lower prices? Modern wind turbines stand as key players in steering the world towards Net Zero by 2050. Yet, to meet this target, the challenge lies in adding approximately 33,000 wind turbines annually and quintupling current installation growth by decade’s end. The hurdle? Soaring steel and commodity prices hamper
Addressing the recycling challenge associated with wind turbine blades, particularly in a cost-effective manner, has long been a concern for operators of renewable wind projects. While the decommissioning responsibilities typically fall on project owners, the focus has largely been on industrialized decommissioning, neglecting the crucial aspect of constructing high-performance blades from more sustainable materials. The
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Solar panel decommissioning is at an inflection point. Shifts in commodity prices and secondary markets, coupled with rising costs and inflation are calling traditional assumptions about decommissioning into question. Between a massive oversupply of new panels, falling prices, and rising costs, solar decommissioning has become more expensive than many utilities and other solar owners initially
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2024: The Year Of The Energy Grid?
As we enter further into 2024, developers still anticipate governments to take action and overcome the challenges we have regarding an inadequately connected, outdated, and centralized energy grid. Within the EU, the pivotal question emerges: Can the EU Action Plan for Grids, backed by a €584 billion investment until 2030, truly address developers’ pressing grid
Geothermal power plant

What is renewable energy?

Monday, 15 January 2024 by
In a world seeking sustainable solutions to its energy needs, the rising of renewable energy sources stands as one of the largest hopes to help mend our planet. Unlike fossil fuels—coal, oil, and gas—which demand hundreds of millions of years to form and contribute to harmful greenhouse gas emissions when burned, renewable energy sources offer
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Denmark, long admired for its strides in renewable energy, has presented its new agreement to transform the country into a net energy exporter whilst trying to overcome the universal ‘Not-in-my-backyard’ attitude keeping many developers worldwide from breaking new ground. The deal, which comes in the wake of the newly amended European Renewable Energy Directive, rewards
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Upcoming wind auctions 2024
2023 has been a busy offshore wind auction year worldwideMore than 10 lease auctions and five support and offtake auctions have taken place this year, but 2024 is currently setting itself up to become the busiest year in the offshore wind history ever according to Aegir Insights. New offshore wind auctions have been announced in
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Perovskite solar cell lab testing
NREL Research Reveals Importance of Simultaneous Conditions To Determine Problem Areas. Testing Perovskite Solar Cells in “outdoor-real-conditions” is crucial to reach commercialization Perovskite solar cells should be subjected to a combination of stress tests simultaneously to predict best how they will function outdoors, according to researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy
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