Solar in Nordics
Top 3 fastest growing solar PV markets in the Nordics, highlighting Sweden, Denmark and Finland as the front-runners of the region.
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The CCPI is an instrument designed to enhance transparency in international climate politics. Its aim is to put political and social pressure on those countries that have not yet to taken ambitious action on climate protection, and to highlight those countries with best practice climate policies.
Introduction and link to the report "Innovation in Power Purchase Agreement Structures" Made and prepared by WBCSD.
Solar Panel
Problems with panels can result in a production loss of up to 20%. We have listed the five most common problems with panels for you.
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When talking about onshore wind in Asia, we see China and India versus the rest of Asia as two different stories..
PV Projects
A systematic evaluation of PV projects eases the transaction process. The PQ Rating assists decision-makers verifying the performance and quality of PV assets.
Solar Panel
While the outlook in Europe wasn’t quite as optimistic as it was in the emerging markets, the region had its own achievements to celebrate with 100 GW online.
As part of Panama’s strategy to diversify the country’s energy matrix, the Panamanian Government has enabled incentives for renewable energy projects.
Edgare Kerkwijk (Board Member in Asia Wind Energy Association) about the business opportunities in wind energy in Asia.
New investments, record prices at auction, the ups and downs in the prices of fossil fuels, company acquisitions, a new legislative proposal along with..
As fund managers and investors look at rubble of the old dinosaur of the European solar market, they shouldn’t rush to switch industries.
In 2012, Google made a commitment to purchase enough renewable energy to match 100% of our operations, and we are excited to announce that we will reach that goal in 2017.
The European Commission has recently announced its intention to boost support for infrastructure investment in Europe. We examine how the support mechanism works and who benefits.
Understanding Record Low 2.44US-cents/kWh Solar Bid in Abu Dhabi
Quarterly deal activity within the power and utilities sector and forecasts that the trends will shape future M&A activity.
Providing analysis on each of our global regions, adoption trends, growth areas and specific examples of renewable energy PPAs.
Read the highly-recommended global status report of renewables in 2016 by REN21.
The economic and environmental advantages of corporate renewable PPAs and a closer look at some of the biggest deals recently completed by corporates.
Guest post by Simon Currie – Partner and Global Head of Energy at Norton Rose Fulbright. In 2014 alone, global investment in renewable power and fuels totaled US $270 billion, with more than half of this occurring in emerging markets and a significant proportion directed to Latin America. Click below to download the report on
Renewable energy investment is on the move. In a world where the global investment landscape for clean energy developing is fast being redrawn.
solar project
With this article we want to provide an overview of the Dutch utility-scale solar market, which will be based on a comparison between what currently are and previously were the country’s largest solar pv projects. Looking at this table, there are several things to highlight. The first noticeable fact is that the total size of the
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Guest post by Steffen Lück – Assistant Director at Deloitte Denmark. At Deloitte, we have recently released a new update on our articles on valuing wind farm and solar PV farm assets. The analyses now totals 556 transactions on renewable energy assets worldwide and reveals how capacity in different project stages affect the enterprise value
Guest post by Dimitris Assimakis, energy and projects partner in the Athens office of global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright. Introduction Greece enjoys a remarkable wind resource with local average wind speeds (at hub height) often exceeding the 8–10 m/s, especially in the Aegean Sea islands and on mountain ridges on the mainland. Its 2020
Guest post by Umang Goswami – an energy sector specialist with 12 years experience with the World Bank, Commercial Banks and most recently was heading a silicon valley solar company’s finance office in India. He is looking to setup a holdco to buy the type of assets mentioned below through collaboration with a fund in
Clean energy
Jigar Shah: To ensure the best people and projects are securing the capital they deserve, here are 5 actions for clean energy entrepreneurs to avoid.
How you should present your renewable energy project depends on several factors: Is it the initial presentation, or is it one for a later stage of the negotiation? What type of investor are you presenting to? What is the development stage of your project? What is the size of your project? Essentially, the presentation should take into
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