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Researchers evaluate the role and value of long-duration energy storage technologies in securing a carbon-free electric grid. Leda Zimmerman – MIT News “The overall question for me is how to decarbonize society in the most affordable way,” says Nestor Sepulveda SM ’16, PhD ’20. As a postdoc at MIT and a researcher with the MIT Energy
transaction review
Another month, another transaction review  published by Green Dealflow: the transaction activity report in the solar and wind industries for the month of March, built by our analysts is available here. The report is based on our transaction database, which tracks equity transactions of solar and wind projects from around the world and it is possible for you to
Half a dozen EU member states are pursuing various strategies to incorporate hydrogen into their net-zero plans.
Agrivoltaics is a method that simultaneously uses agricultural land for food production and PV power generation. The energy transformation requires a massive expansion, resulting in high demand of space. In most countries, this issue is not resolvable due to mounting ground systems, therefore fertile land is very valuable and limited. This method solves this conflict by enabling food production and electricity generation
wind power
This year has severely impacted the human society, as we begin to recover a new wave is unleashing to transform societies. The UK has developed a ten-point plan in which the aim is to create millions of jobs, available through protecting our planet and future generations. Over the last 30 years, the UK has expanded
Denmark has reached a landmark agreement on the construction of an energy hub in the North Sea. The energy hub will be an artificially constructed island located 80 kilometers from the shore of the peninsula Jutland. It will b e owned by a public-private partnership. The hub will strengthen the integration of Europe’s power grids and increase renewable
John Fitzgerald Weaver is the Commercial Solar Guy, a mix of politics, physics, economics and evolution, solar power it’s his power too. In this article, he shares the biennial tracking the sun report, document which collects solar data for the past two years, giving us insights on the next ones with regards to installations but also prices.
solar prices
prices falling, modules more efficient and increasing installations
EEG 2021
Germany’s landmark Renewable Energy Act (EEG) – credited with making solar and wind power two of the most important electricity sources in the country – is undergoing another reform. Renewables shall grow faster, become cheaper and more accepted by neighbouring citizens so that climate and clean energy targets can be reached by Germany. This factsheet
Introduction Pedro Carvalho, consultant at Ecosecurities, provides Green Dealflow and his customers with an introductory notes on a particular unbundled EAC scheme of voluntary acceptance and international reach, the so-called International Renewable Energy Certificates, or I-REC. Context This year the International Energy Agency (IEA) made public at least two promising to support the energy transition
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The COVID-19 crisis did not stop the solar wave that was unleashing in Italy and Gianni Silvestrini,  Renewable energy expert  and Scientific Director of the Kyoto Club, provides us with insightful information on the green wave upon which Italy is increasing the solar capacity by 2030.  According to the “Renewables 2020” IEA report, in the first half of this year, the new
solar panels
Introduction It is now a well-established trend. After the switch to larger wafer sizes played out in 2019, this year has seen virtually all of the biggest PV manufacturers introduce new modules in dimensions above the 2-meter mark, and with power ratings in excess of 500 W – in some cases, as high as 800
In a new study focused on Denmark, a global leader in wind energy – a relatively mature and low-cost renewable technology – researchers found that government policies have been the primary driver of that industry’s growth and development. In emerging renewable energy industries, are producers’ decisions to shut down or upgrade aging equipment influenced more
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The Spanish government on Tuesday approved a royal decree that defines a new pricing regime for renewable energy auctions with plans to hold the first round under updated rules by the end of the year, the ministry for the ecological transition said. The big novelty in the decree is the introduction of the so-called “pay
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Earlier this year, the California Energy Commission (CEC) published a $20 million solicitation to fund research projects for the deployment of long-duration energy storage. The objective was to develop a clear understanding of the role that long-duration energy storage (10 hours or greater) can play in helping to meet the state’s mandates to decarbonize the electricity sector
offshore wind
Global offshore wind installed capacity will reach 228 GW by 2030, according to projections from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Of the currently installed offshore wind capacity in the world, 90 per cent is located in Europe, mostly in the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This is attributed to regional cooperation on interconnection,
Tesla battery event
The company intends to implement and to improve both battery cell design and battery manufacturing and integration. Read the key takeaways here
By Andy Colthorpe Batteries, hydrogen and other energy storage should be a “key topic of energy policy,” in the EU, Members of European Parliament (MEP) that worked together on formulating a report into the role of storage in a decarbonised, fair and secure energy system have said. A webinar hosted yesterday by the European Association
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energy storage
Energy storage installations are at the core of research in renewable energy, to bridge the gap into a fully green powered society with no backlashes: in this article Simone Prato gives us an insightful view on the market trends for the next years together with the technological innovations in the sector. The last 18 months
Ireland wind energy
The Irish Energy Market of Renewables is here described into the third and last country report from Greensolver. The Irish renewable energy landscape is one of the hot topics, especially thanks to the high commitment in developing Wind Energy to meet the Climate Action Plan for the country. Read through the one pager and discover
Poland renewable energy
Here it´s to our followers the second country report of this Summer from Greensolver to discover where you are investing, what are the opportunities and the actors of the game in the Polish renewable energy market
Country Report Greece
The greek energy market is skyrocketing, and Green Dealflow has made the Greensolver country’s report on Greece available to its followers. You can read and download the report and gain insightful information on the geology, market and auction system in detail. Country Overview Greece is located in the Balkans peninsula, Southern-East Europe, where the mainland
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Solar Panels
Solar professional and project developer John Fitzgerald Weaver explains to us how we fail at solar power generation projections. Projected lives of solar power plants are 50% longer than a decade ago. This is because we test our solar panels aggressively, and laser focus on facility failures once we build them. This has led some to highly rate the safety of solar power
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Renewable energy projects in Spain
Access and connection rights, auctions and new agents on the renewable’s energy production process: Electricity storage, hybridization, independent aggregators, renewable energy communities, charging infrastructures – new regulations for renewable energy projects in Spain. On 24 June, Royal Decree Law 23/2020 of 23 June, approving measures on energy and other areas for the economic relaunch (“RDL
green transformation Denmark
With the aim of an overall green transformation of the society, Denmark wants to show the rest of the world that climate action and economic recovery goes hand in hand. Therefore, a broad majority in the Parliament has signed the climate agreement and the green transformation of the energy sector and industry. The act is one of the most ground-breaking climate acts
sicily wind turbines
The first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean Sea could soon be ready in the Sicilian channel, far out from the town of Marsala. The structure, 7seas med, will include 25 floating 10MW turbines. It will not be visible from the coast, as it is more than 35 km far from Marsala, Egadi Islands and Tunisia.
Solar Panel
Solar professional and project developer John Fitzgerald Weaver explains to us that innovation in Solar Panel industries comes from different angles.
Renewable energy expert Gianni Silvestrini, Scientific Director of the Kyoto Club, provides us with insightful information on the green wave upon which Italy is reconstructing: the focus for the post-COVID scenario is green energy, solar community and innovation for PV systems.  According to the National Energy and Climate plan published in January 2020, Italy will have to install 31
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IHS Market is reporting that inverter replacements will total about 8.7 GW of capacity in 2020, representing up to 10% of all inverters sold.
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Solar Power
Module efficiencies will continue to increase, while the price of an individual module will stay the same. Not only will this hardware produce more power, it’ll work far longer — with predictions of 30-year module warranties, roughly the projected lifetime of gas assets.