We want to contribute to the green energy transition and foster a sustainable society

We believe that access to clean energy is essential for strengthening economies, protecting ecosystems, reducing inequalities and achieving a better welfare society.

To reach this goal, Green Dealflow was founded by committed professionals with over ten years of experience in developing renewable energy projects. By easily connect investors and asset owners we can facilitate business partnerships in the renewable energy sector, contributing to the green goal all around the world.


  • We give you access to the market

  • We can find assets or investors for you

  • We provide data on global transactions in our monthly review

  • We deliver insightful blog posts and global news


We create new and valuable business partnerships!

Working with green investments for more than a decade, we aim to improve the transparency on deals in this global and growing market.

We offer you a matchmaking platform to facilitate the connection between professionals, thanks to a dedicated international team, making use of modern technology.


Green Dealflow consists of a core team and a network of trusted external partners and advisors

Anders Gangsted-Rasmussen


Anders has more than 7 years of experience in renewable energy investments and asset management. He also has more than 10 years of experience in investment management of a family office, having held the position of CEO of the more than 100 year-old family office Gangsted-Rasmussen Group.

Phone: (+45) 8230 3600

Nishu Fonsa


Nishu has experience in working with/developing IT systems and platforms. He previously worked as a research assistant in Department of digitalization at CBS where he also got his Masters degree in Business Administration and Information Technology.

At Green Dealflow he is working on various IT-, service- and client- focused projects. Further to this he is professionally managing clients requests.

Phone: (+45) 3184 1186

Juan Felipe Salazar Duran


Felipe is student at DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, where he is pursuing his Masters in Sustainable Energy & Electric Energy Systems. Felipe has a broad experience in working with energy, sustainability, and IT consulting.

At Green Dealflow he is working on various projects, digital platforms, social medias, communication and with client service.

Phone: (+45) 8230 3600

Alessia Malito

Alessia is pursuing her Master Degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at the University of Copenhagen. She has a broad experience in sustainable consulting, environmental policy research and sales from Italy and Israel.

At Green Dealflow she is focusing on communication and content for all channels, identification and use of relevant knowledge & insights and client service.

Phone: (+45) 5028 8020

Thor Stilling

Thor is studying a Master in Social Entrepreneurship and Management at Roskilde University. He has professional experience in international trade, sales and business development.

At Green Dealflow he is primarily focused on client service, through direct communication with asset owners and developers.

Phone: (+45) 8230 3600

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