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The process

Unveiling Your Project

We dive into your project journey together. We explore your proposal, ask the right questions, and unravel the layers to grasp your investment goals and project scope.

This process accelerates our work, ensuring your project finds the perfect match in our investor line up.

Agreeing on the terms

Once we're on the same page about moving forward, it's time to lock in the details.

We'll dive into discussions, ink the agreement, and kick off the exciting phase of connecting with the investors who align perfectly with your vision.

Finding the right investor

This is where our extensive network becomes a powerful ally – and your advantage.

By engaging in regular discussions with our 900+ investors, we decode risk profiles and past transactions to pinpoint those eager to collaborate, but our experience and strategic leverage goes beyond identifying willing investors – we ensure you connect with those prepared to offer the highest price within our network.

Your project's value elevated, effortlessly!

Investor introduction

Armed with insights into investors eager to back your project, we orchestrate a tailored meeting.

It's your chance to personally introduce yourselves, present the project in your own words, and engage in a dynamic exchange.

The investor gets to dive deeper with follow-up questions, and you have the opportunity to reciprocate.

The meeting wraps up with a mutual decision on whether to move forward or explore other investor possibilities.

Due diligence and further discussions

Moving Forward?

We facilitate crucial info exchange, paving the way for private, in-depth talks between you and the investor while they kick off due diligence, ensuring a seamless alignment of every piece.

Closing the deal

Upon successful discussions and checks from both sides, you seal the deal with the investor through a binding agreement.

Our initial milestone fee follows suit.

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