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Everybody is welcome to create a free account with us here. To sign up, please fill in the registration form and your personal investment criteria. This is a crucial step for us to identify the relevant opportunities for you. If you agree to our terms and conditions, please tick the communication consent box as this will allow the Green Dealflow team to approach you with relevant opportunities that match your profile.

Once you created a free account, it is important to fill in your personal investment criteria. Your criteria allow us to provide you with tailored solutions helping you discover attractive renewable energy projects on our platform.

If you keep your criteria up to date, you will enjoy several benefits:

  • You will not miss out on opportunities which meet your preferences.
  • You will only receive information that is relevant to you and hence save valuable time.

All our active projects are available here. Use the search lines in the top to discover specific regions or categories.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a mail or to give us a call (+45) 8230 3600. The Green Dealflow team is here to help.

Generally, Green Dealflow operates on a No Cure No Pay basis. That means that our success fee only comes to payment if you successfully closed a deal. The fee is fixed and depends on the project’s size and stage.



You need to register on Green Dealflow Platform as Asset owner with your project: you can find the page with all the steps regarding “asset owners” here. You can also register on our platform from our main page here

When you create an account you will be asked to update the details to your project. You only have to fill in the required information and the Green Dealflow’s project teaser: the more details you provide will lead to the best match with one of our trustworthy investors.

A teaser is usually a one-two page document, which will be circulated among the potential buyers in order to get the details of the project and the investment opportunity.

At Green Dealflow, you will just need to fill in the form we provide on our platform to get everything done quickly and efficiently.

At Green Dealflow you can register on our platform and request to sell your project off-market by sending an e-mail at fill in the Green Dealflow’s project teaser and provide other relevant project information, afterwards Green Deaflow will arrange an onboarding meeting with you.

Yes. Green Dealfow accepts projects of all stages.

Yes. The minimum size is 5MW.

Tips & Tricks from GDF

Investors build a Strategy based on how own needs or expectations fits the strategy they built rather than where the market is or is expected to be. What is crucial is having a clear focus on the investment features (country and technology). The investors are actively keeping an eye on adjusting their investments within the framework of the strategy as the market changes.

The best way to build a network is by attending conferences, reading the news about deals done or in other ways, like getting in contact with potential buyers. The key is to share knowledge on different perspectives:

  • Do you know what other buyers/ investors are looking for?
  • Do you know what other buyers/ investors are willing to pay?
  • Do you know what risks other buyers/ investors are willing to take?

We know that sellers don’t have a project for sale all the time, but many are working on a pipeline of Projects in different markets

If that is the case for you and you are looking for potential buyers for you pipeline, then you should use 2 minutes to fill-out our template, which would make it possible for us to find relevant investors and create a trustworthy contact.

Such a dialogue is of course non-binding for both parties, but we will do our best to find a relevant match for you

The Green Dealflow team put together two project teaser templates that aim to provide guidance on how to structure a renewable energy asset as an investment opportunity. The following two blog posts explain in detail the different teaser elements and their purposes.

Please find more information on how a solid wind teaser should look like here.

Please find more information on how a solid solar teaser should look like here.

The key to find the right buyer for your project is to focus on the type of buyers: our experience shows that maintaining a diversified buy-side portfolio allows sellers to reach many different buyer profiles and not only the same usual ones.

On the Green Dealflow platform, every kind of potential buyer is available, whether it is a well-known infrastructure fund, a governmental supported renewable energy fund, a tax fund, private-equity fund, a company in the value chain with a balance sheet to buy projects, utilities.