Asset Owners, sell your renewable energy projects

Sell your project for free on the marketplace, or sell off-market for a fixed fee.
We search for and identify potential investors for off-market project sales.

  1. Sign in ad click ’add project’
  2. Fill in the required information and  upload additional specs & teasers.
  3. Click submit and wait for investors to contact you.


  1. Send a request to where you specify; MW, markets, Solar/Wind and project stage.
  2. We confirm, if we can deliver qualified investors and how many.
  3. We get confirmation from the investors that they are interested, without revealing your company’s identity.
  4. We deliver the specified number og potential investors and you can start negotiations.
  • Selling projects on Green Dealflows market place is free.

  • The fee is calculated individually. Please send a request to and we will revert with an offer.
  • Please note; the fee to Green Dealflow, will only come to payment if a deal is closed with an investor provided by us.
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