Italian renewable energy associations ANIE Rinnovabili, Italia Solare, and Elettricità Futura have released a joint position paper defining a series of standards for agrivoltaics projects. A document compiled by three Italian renewables associations identifies with extreme precision the area that is allowed to be used for power generation in the two most common agrivoltaics configurations — solar arrays with elevated
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Green Dealflow has published the transaction review for the first quarter of 2022: the full dataset for solar and wind transactions closed in this period is available here. The content is a key tool to get a clear picture of the market by the country´s records on renewable energy. To gain the possibility to jump into
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In an effort to combat global warming, wind turbines are on the rise. In order to make wind energy more efficient, turbine size is increasing. Wind energy is the cleanest form of energy, but there is a problem. The potential energy from wind is lost due to various technical issues – such as cracks, lightning
Renewables on the rise: + 70% compared to 2020 with 1,397 MW. It is essential to accelerate to reach the 2030 goals.  According to the RES Observatory created by ANIE Rinnovabili, an association of ANIE Federation, based on the data from Terna of 2021 there is a cumulative total of 1,376 MW of renewables divided
Companies should now develop strategies on how to switch to renewable energies through Power Purchase Agreements. Key facts If you want to operate sustainably, you should deal intensively with how the future energy supply can be secured. To this end, companies should start in good time to set up an appropriate procurement strategy that takes
At Green Dealflow we provide knowledge regarding investments opportunities and business strategies to contribute to a more sustainable society. As our aim is to facilitate investments in the renewable energy industry, we collect the officially announced schemes and deliver the updated version of solar and wind tenders and auctions to our audience on a monthly basis.  You can
The infrastructure plan of the Italian Transmission System Operator will contribute to the green transition, with more than 30 electricity connections. The investments aim to strengthen the grid, avoid bottlenecks, and ensure the security of supply.    The South part of the country, where is the greatest production of green electricity, also suffers from diffused
The cost of electricity in Italy has never been higher. This is what emerges from the data published by Arera, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks, and the Environment. In the first weeks of 2022, the Italian energy prices per MWh had an average of 216,35 €.   According to the same authority, the price is composed of 80.8% of energy, 8.4% of transportation and meter, and 10,8% taxes, while the system fees have been deducted from the government for the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022.    The main driver of such a huge increase is found in the cost of energy: in the last period, from the third to the fourth quarter of 2021, the price went from