At the moment, power systems that rely on liberalized electricity markets generate about 50% of the electricity used worldwide. This ensured effective resource allocation in response to demand evolution and advantages from competition in system operation and investment. However, systems that rely on power markets will need to be encouraged to reduce carbon emissions in
A Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is often characterised as a key driver for the green transition. But what is a PPA, and how does it work as a contract document within the green transition? A PPA is a power supply agreement between an investor/developer and a buyer on the purchase of a specific power production.
Green Dealflow has published the quarterly transaction review for the third quarter of 2022: the full dataset for solar and wind transactions closed in this period is available here. The content is a key tool to get a clear picture of the market by the country’s records on renewable energy. The reports are built by our
The strong expansion of variable renewables, which are projected to make up more than half of global capacity additions to 2040 in the IEA’s New Policies Scenario (NPS), has major implications for electricity, first among them is the need for increased flexibility in the storage industry. Globally, electricity demand is projected to grow by over

PPAs: Which One Do You Need?

Given the increased investment costs due to raw material prices of photovoltaic and wind plants (capital-intensive capacity), it is increasingly advantageous for developers to sign PPAs, securing the projects´ bankability. In fact, it is convenient that the cash flow of a new big plant coming online is known in advance, otherwise, it will be more
The amount of minerals needed to construct solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities, wind farms, and electric vehicles (EVs) is typically substantially higher than conventional technologies. A typical electric vehicle needs six times as much mineral input as a conventional vehicle, and an onshore wind farm needs nine times as much mineral input per megawatt as a

PPA Prices are Higher Than Ever 

The rush in wholesale prices of gas and electricity also drives up the average prices of long-term contracts (PPA) for renewable energy.  Long-term power purchase agreements provide the assurance that the project will bring the expected return on investment upon completion, reducing the uncertainty of cash flow derived from the sale of energy on the

The Future Price of Electricity in Europe

Due to the shrinking of the fossil fuel markets, the wholesale price of electricity rose significantly in many countries in the first half of 2022, especially in Europe. As a result of gas prices rising to over five times the value of the reference period, power prices in many European markets reached three to four