energy storage
Energy storage installations are at the core of research in renewable energy, to bridge the gap into a fully green powered society with no backlashes: in this article Simone Prato gives us an insightful view on the market trends for the next years together with the technological innovations in the sector. The last 18 months
solar and wind
Green Dealflow has published its transaction activity report in the solar and wind industries  for July. The Report is built on our transaction database.
Ireland wind energy
The Irish Energy Market of Renewables is here described into the third and last country report from Greensolver. The Irish renewable energy landscape is one of the hot topics, especially thanks to the high commitment in developing Wind Energy to meet the Climate Action Plan for the country. Read through the one pager and discover
Poland renewable energy
Here it´s to our followers the second country report of this Summer from Greensolver to discover where you are investing, what are the opportunities and the actors of the game in the Polish renewable energy market
Solar and Wind
Green Dealflow has published its transaction activity report in the solar and wind industries  for July, that you can access here.  The Report is built on our transaction database, which tracks equity transactions of solar and wind projects from around the world.    We were expecting an increase of transactions by looking at the past trends of this year. Not only, but new projects with innovative
Country Report Greece
The greek energy market is skyrocketing, and Green Dealflow has made the Greensolver country’s report on Greece available to its followers. You can read and download the report and gain insightful information on the geology, market and auction system in detail. Country Overview Greece is located in the Balkans peninsula, Southern-East Europe, where the mainland
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Solar Panels
Solar professional and project developer John Fitzgerald Weaver explains to us how we fail at solar power generation projections. Projected lives of solar power plants are 50% longer than a decade ago. This is because we test our solar panels aggressively, and laser focus on facility failures once we build them. This has led some to highly rate the safety of solar power
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Renewable energy projects in Spain
Access and connection rights, auctions and new agents on the renewable’s energy production process: Electricity storage, hybridization, independent aggregators, renewable energy communities, charging infrastructures – new regulations for renewable energy projects in Spain. On 24 June, Royal Decree Law 23/2020 of 23 June, approving measures on energy and other areas for the economic relaunch (“RDL